EXPERTISE: Brand Identity Management

Before logo creation, graphic design or copy writing is done, we can work closely with you and your team to study:

  • Marketplace
  • Competition
  • Brand Communication Tactics
  • Internal and External Brand Perceptions
  • Internal and External Brand Behaviors

Following the research, we move into Brand Design (Brand Strategy), which consists of developing a Brand Positioning Statement, Brand Personality Description, Brand Value Proposition Topics, and an Elevator Speech.

Once the key brand messages are approved, we make recommendations about what needs to change to reflect and convey the core brand identity. This may include company/brand name, logo, tagline, and the overall look of the brand, referred to as the brand’s page personality. It almost always includes a new or revamped website, even if the logo does not change, since the brand positioning needs to be clear and prominent.

The final step in brand identity management is the creation of tools to help clients manage their brand. This can be as simple as logo use and color guidelines, and may include document templates (printed and digital), or as detailed as in-depth Brand Standards for graphic design, copy writing and even customer experience management.