About: Methodology

Many advertising agencies and branding firms tend to complicate and mystify things – sort of like the Wizard Of Oz before Toto pulled back the curtain. We don’t.

Despite the many clever names to describe and mystify the process, all effective brand building systems include the same four steps:

  • Research
    • Marketplace
    • Competition
    • Brand Communications
    • Brand Perceptions¬†
    • Brand Behaviors
  • Design
    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Personality
    • Brand Messaging
    • Brand Standards
      • Graphic Standards
      • Language Standards
      • Process Standards
      • Measurement Standards
  • Execution
    • Brand Standards
    • Marketing Plans
    • Communications Plans
    • Tactical Projects
  • Evaluation
    • Results
    • Execution
    • Design
    • Research

Three aspects of the Nicholson Consulting branding methodology are the keys to client success:

  • Understanding what drives buyer behavior, and what impedes purchases.
  • Using a systematic approach to brand design, honed over many years, and designed to keep costs at a minimum and speed at a maximum.
  • Recognizing that marketing does not exist in a vacuum, and that every decision about marketing impacts operations and sales.