About: Methodology

So if the starting point is simple, then so too should be the tools to define and manage the brand. Many advertising agencies and brand consulting firms tend to complicate things. Despite clever names to describe and mystify the branding process, all effective systems must follow the same four steps:

  • Research
    • Marketplace
    • Competition
    • Brand Communications
    • Brand Perceptions 
    • Brand Behaviors
  • Design
    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Personality
    • Brand Messaging
    • Brand Standards
      • Graphic Standards
      • Language Standards
      • Process Standards
      • Measurement Standards
  • Execution
    • Brand Standards
    • Marketing Plans
    • Communications Plans
    • Tactical Projects
  • Evaluation
    • Results
    • Execution
    • Design
    • Research

Three aspects of the Nicholson Consulting branding methodology are the keys to client success.

The first is a focus on what drives buyer behavior. Whether you have a B2C company, B2B company, or both, a foundational knowledge of buyer motivation and purchase barriers among key targets is essential.

The second aspect is the systematic approach used in brand research and design, honed over many years and many markets, and built to keep costs at a minimum and speed at a maximum.

Third, it’s an understanding that marketing does not exist in a vacuum, so that every decision about marketing impacts operations and sales. It’s a harmonious balance between operations, sales and marketing that is the difference maker.